Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Central and Northern Arizona were pounded by intense storms yesterday and more are in store for today.  in fact, as we write this blog post, portions of the Upper Verde are actually under a tornado warning.  Not a tornado watch, mind you, but an actual warning!  Rainfall has been heavy at times through out this stormy episode and the Rain Gods are set to rock and roll at yet another Big Time Precipitation Party for about the next 8-10 hours.  The Phoenix-Mesa area was really pounded yesterday.  Hail diameter measured over an inch in some places!  The Arizona Republic newspaper put online 266 reader photos and some of the hail pictures are amazing.   You can click here to see the photos.

The best ways to follow this evolving story as are follows:
Flagstaff NWS
Phoenix NWS
Arizona Republic newspaper
Arizona Daily Sun newspaper
Google: Arizona storms

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