Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Golf Gig

Yesterday was a first.  Susun and I went golfing with Jef and Suzanne.  I think that call that a foursome in "golfie" lingo.  It was great fun.  We each spent $10 and that bought a bucket of balls and two rounds on the short course.  Since none of us were in a hurry, we managed to spend over 2.5 hours together having a great time.  Each of us has a few real nice shots.  It really wasn't much about golf as it was an opportunity to simply get together for a fun afternoon outside.  That's one of the fun things about golf--simply being outside and enjoying a fabulous fall day with crystal clean air and wonderful views of the nearby Mt. Taylor and the foothills of the Snake River Highlands.

It worked out great to have two carts and two bags.  Susun's new set of Dunlop oversize clubs were just the ticket for her and she had some really nice iron shots.  Most of the time, she was one or very near the green in 2-3 strokes.  Her putting still needs a lot of work.  As for me, I turned in my best score yet out there on the short course--logging a 23.  I pared the first hole and then shot 4 on each of the remaining five holes. I was on the green with the tee shot on four holes and very nearly on the other two.  That was gratifying.  Maybe practice really does pay off like I heard somebody say once.

After our game, Jef presented us with a Bento Box containing a great Japanese lunch.  It was all wrapped up real special and even had a super origami attached to it.  The local Japanese-American League had a fundraiser lunch yesterday and Jef and Suzanne brought us a box lunch.  Thanks, J&S, that was real special.

Our golf adventures are almost certain to end soon as there's a major weather pattern change looming late in the workweek ahead.  It's almost certain to get cold, windy and maybe even wet.  Golf season will be over.
It's been a fun adventure.  The Goatherder wondered whether we will play golf in Arizona.  We doubt it.  There's too much other free fun stuff to do there.  Besides, the costs of Arizona golf are astronomical, except for one little short course near Sedona.  It has $12 green fees and is 777 yards for 9 holes.  This Golf Gig is strictly an Eastern Idaho thing and I can't really see it being segued to the Sonoran Desert.  We both still have a "thing" about golf courses down there--they are as illogical as Flying Pigs and other oddities.  It sure will be a lot easier to pack our stuff if we're not trying to squeeze in some odd-size golf gear.  So, the long and the short of it is that the Golf Gig will soon be history for Y2Ten and may months will pass before we pick up our clubs again.  There's zero chance we would choose golfing over camping or boating so it will probably be September 2011 before the Golf Gig enters Chapter #2.  In the meantime, it has actually been fun and entertaining and we wish to publicly Thank Houn Dawg (AKA: Jef) for getting us involved.  We like to cuss him out and give him grief for getting us involved in the Golf Gig.  But the truth of the matter is that it has been a fun interlude and certainly hasn't cost us much money. Thanks, HD!

As we look out into this week's crystal ball for the weather, we can easily see we have only a few days to finish the porch project and all the other weather-dependent projects around here.  No doubt about it.  So, it's going to be the proverbial grunt week ahead.  We're guessing we have only until Thursday to "git 'er dun."
Meanwhile, the trees continue to hang onto their leaves.  It's downright eerie.  Everyone is shaking their heads about this mild fall.  Well, the party's almost over and it's gonna get real busy pretty soon.  Leaf Raking Season can't be very far away.

Hey, here's a "lost mail" story.  Way back in a blog post sometime in March, I lamented the loss of a State of Idaho $276.80 check to reimburse us for the February flights to and from Coeur D'Lene.  I had to jump a lot of hoops to get the check re-issued.  It might have been May before we finally received payment.  Lo and behold, the original check showed up yesterday!  Yep, it was dated March 11, 2010, and there it was in the mailbox.  No explanation or nothing--just the check.  Obviously, we will return it to the State.  We wonder where it was in the 6+ months since it was issued? 

The Atomic City guy was a no-show yesterday so I guess we're gonna move on.  We sure were looking forward to some real good stories out of Atomic City but it's not to happen.  We'll list the vehicle in the real newspaper tomorrow and move on.

Yer not going to believe this.  I don't.  Are you ready?  The gecko camera is up to $25.49 with two hours left in the auction!!!!!! There's ten bids and still 11 watchers.  Am I stunned?  Yes, easily.  As noted, we would have been quite happy with a one dollar final bid.  To reap a profit from a broken camera defies all logic.  Maybe they are insanely easy to fix.  Who knows?  We will get back on this blog and report the final sales price once we know what it is.  Amazing!

Have a great Sunday and Cheers!  jp

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