Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Roger Sunset

Above is the Monday night sunset here in Eastern Idaho.  During my short strolls back and forth to the Cook Shack, I glanced wistfully west and wondered what it really looked like.  As the glow brightened above our inner city trees, I crossed my mental fingers and hoped that Roger would be capturing it for all of us to enjoy this morning.

Sure enough, Roger delivered the goods, along with a typically pithy comment:

"That building at the bottom of these photos is the source of much of the Bud in our country (my deepest apologies to beer drinkers of taste across the universe). It's the Anheiser-Busch malting plant in Idaho Falls."

You can click here to see Roger's post on his Sunset Blog.

Thanks, Roger, "ya dun good" once again.

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