Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mid-October has always been a very special time all the way back into my high school days. For some odd reason, it always seems something unusual and special takes place within 24 hours either way of October 15th. This year is no exception as we're putting up Blog Post #500 right smack dab in that time frame. If anyone would have suggested that we'd log 500 posts on this blog, they would have been laughed out of town. Back on January 1st when we started this project, I figured I'd put up perhaps 10-12 posts a month. Something strange happened and blogging became a daily routine. Frankly, I would have never guessed in my wildest imagination that such a routine would result in 500 blog posts by mid-October. At this rate, we have potential to exceed 600 by year's end.

It's been a great year to blog about--that's for sure. Our 62nd year has turned out to be a real pivotal time in our lives. Our retirement is working out well. Our fixed income and some lucky breaks here and there have paid the bills, put food on the table and allowed an extraordinary amount of travel, camping and downright adventure. Meanwhile, we've had the time and resources to accomplish some real interesting projects. It's quite fun to be alive and healthy and happy right now. We both know life has no guarantees and things often change in a mere heartbeat, so we're enjoying and savoring these times day-by-day.

We are deeply appreciative of our Dear Friends and LBRs who read about our mundane meanderings. It's amazing to us that there are a steady 20 unique visitors per day each and every day. This blog has brought us a lot closer to a lot of our Dear Friends and that has also been one of the great gifts of our 62nd year. As we write these blog posts, we often think of specific individual Dear Friends and wonder whether they will laugh or groan when they read the words coming off the tips of our fingers. Thank You all for contributing your Spirits and Energies to this blog. Your interest in our mundane lives is very special and also very humbling.

This great Year 2010 (Y2Ten) has a lot of life left--79 days to be precise. We look forward to the remainder of this special year with great anticipation.

Thank You for reading this blog. Life is Good! Have a Great day & Many Cheers! jp

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Wayne Ranney said...

What a milestone! 500 blogs. It's so nice that you are keeping us entertained and informed on the "real" news of the day! We love you,