Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zen & The Art of Samurai Maintenance

A famous book from a past life is entitled "Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."  I never read the whole book, only parts of it.  It was a heavy book for me to read back when it was first published so I "blew it off."  I'd peek at it once in awhile but I didn't want to get very involved with that book, if you know what I mean.  I knew darned well the author wasn't really talking about motorcycles and, besides, I didn't give a tinker's diddly about motorcycles then...and still don't now.  (Just because I bought golf clubs--DON'T look for me to buy a motorcycle--it ain't never gonna happen!)

Anyway, though, I got to thinking about the whole "zen" thing and I realized it might be apt to coin a new phrase, to wit: "Zen & The Art of Samurai Maintenance."  It has a real Japanese ring to it, don't ya think?  No, this isn't a Bruce Lee Thing--this is a Samurai Thing!

Anyway, you can be the judge yourself as I have begun a chronicle of my misadventures with the New Zuki by activating a long dormant blog entitled "ifyouzuki."  You can click here to go there, in a roundabout zen sort of way.

Beware--the aforementioned blog is totally arcane and filled with mind-numbing, esoteric technical details.  NOBODY in their right mind will read it--except, of course, for other Zuki owners!

Bless his Heart, Goatherder actually went there and, believe it or not, actually left a comment!  Here is what he said:

"I look forward to following this blog about these infernal kidney pounders. A zuki owner myself (although it's one of the more civilized varieties) I know how endearing they can be. My sidekick refuses to die. The damned thing always starts. It's so ugly and full of goat poo and empty 45 Long colt cartridges the family is instructed to bury me in it, cause I could never sell it to anyone with a lick of sense. Nobody even wants to steal it. Ask me how I know....Congrats on the new purchase! Am I the first commenter? Where's my prize? What do I get?"

From that profound beginning, surely we have reached Zen, don't you think?  Well, maybe not.

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