Monday, September 13, 2010

Day #3

Well, Stasea sent some photos pretty late in the day.  There's only four of them.  Three of them are kinda blurry.  That reflects the frenzy of work they undertook today.  When Sarah & Peter acquired their new-to-them home the dining room was painted R-E-D!  Can you believe that?  No way, I can't.  But it was true.  Maybe it was somebody else's Feng Shui.  Who knows?  Anyway, today was D-Day to destroy the red and get ready for a dining room makeover.  From what I can gather, it was a real hustle, bust anatomy day for S & S & S.  I think the blurry aspect of the photos conveys what their day was all about--ACTION!  The picture of The Boys was taken on a walk before all the knock down hand-to-hand combat began.  I put up The Boys picture firsrt, of course.  The next picture is a "BEFORE" picture.  Ugh!  And then there's Stasea and Susun showing their energetic selves doing what they love to do--help Family & Friends!  As Shania Twain would say, "Let's GO, Girls!"

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