Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day #2--There's FIVE New Photos! Stasea ROX!

The Fun Continues in Vista, California. (l-r)Gage, Sarah, Van, and Susun. (iPhone photo by Stasea)

In our morning talk, Susun reported the First Birthday was a real hit. About 30 people attended, including 10 children mostly under the age of 3-4. Susun said she was really delighted with the event. We will post whatever photos Stasea sends each day in addition to our regular blog ramblings. Thanks Stasea, please keep 'em coming! If Stasea sends more photos today, they will be put into this blog post. So check back to "Day #2" now and then to see if Stasea sent more pictures.

Cheers, jp

Here's teh Five new photos below.  The email title said "Beach City Burrito and VG Donuts."  The ttext of the email said, "2 of our favorites!! Yum."  Looks like the photos are self explanatory.  WAY TO GO, Stasea!  THANKS!

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stasea said...

WOW john,that pizza looks so good and I know how really good they are because i AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET TO EAT THEM! thankyou for the fun blog and posting photos of us here in San Diego, Having a great time, miss you lots. Susun