Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art Bench Magic

Woke up this morning and checked Ye Ol' Inbox about 5:15 am. Late last night, one of the selected artists for the Greenbelt Art Bench Project sent out the email below. It is self-explanatory. It sure makes us feel great to know that we played a unique role in getting this project "over the hump" back in February-March. We've always had a feeling that the final sum of this project would be greater than the total of the parts. When an email like this shows up, it brings a real special glow to hearts in these parts
Dear Art Bench Judges~

Thank you so very much for having selected my bench design of Groovy Melody, (which has since been re-named, I Love Life) for The Greenbelt. When I learned it was to be 'In Memory of Miles Willard', it was very important to me that the bench reflect both he and Virginia in some way. I never knew him, nor did I know who Virginia was, but I asked Carrie if it might be possible to speak with Virginia to find out if there was a particular song that the two of them shared as one of their favorites. When Virginia called me and told me the story behind their song entitled I Love Life, the design of the bench took on a whole new meaning and look, to not just include words and musical notes from their song, but to convey an overall feeling of things Virginia had expressed to me about her and Miles. The bench has turned out beautiful and I am anxious for you all to see it.

I could never thank you enough for this amazing opportunity. It has truly been an amazing adventure and I am very grateful to have been a part of it.

Sincerely~ (The Artist)

Cheers, jp

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