Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Visit with Sue

Sue K. came to visit yesterday a little before 7 pm. She just left a little after noon Thursday. It was a memorable visit in every way and we were all three delighted to enjoy each other's company. As we've noted, some people change your lives--Sue is such a person. We wouldn't be here in Idaho if we'd never met Sue. That's a simple fact. Sue's great and it was awesome to renew our long-running friendship together.
We've told Sue in the recent past how much we would like to volunteer for her again. She's now stationed in Michigan along the shores of Lake Huron. So, it's a real stretch to figure out how to volunteer for Sue. We told her about Virtual Volunteering quite some time ago. Well, that concept clicked with Sue and last night she said she had an idea on how we could help her. One thing led to another and this morning I found the official Forest Service volunteer agreement online and filled it out and we're now signed up once again to volunteer for Sue. Both of us are so happy to be volunteering for Sue again. It's so exciting for us. The project itself is a real great one that will keep us both entertained for a long time. We expect it will take 6-8 months of work to complete the project, maybe more. You can click on the JPG of the agreement to read the terms of it. It's real self-explanatory. We deleted our names and her name and any identifying information to the prying eyes of the web can't really DO anything with the information on the form.

Meanwhile this morning we baked our best cornbread yet and then, for good measure, fired up a package of bacon and served eggs with mushrooms and orange juice, too, with a fruit bowl for desert--the whole Ritz thing.

We took Sue on a tour of the city and then spent a lot of time walking the Greenbelt. It was great--total quality time together in every way. We're so happy she came to visit. THANK YOU, SUE! It's great to be working with you again.  Cheers, jp

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