Friday, August 13, 2010

Susun receives some well deserved recognition

Last evening Susun went to a little ice cream social put on by the city's Horticultural Department.  The party is an annual affair staged to recognize those who volunteer to plant and tend the city's many colorful flower gardens.  Susun received a very nice plaque presented by the city's Horticulturalist, Delbert L.  Even though the plaque does not have her name on it, it was clearly designed specifically for her as it shows a picture of a snippet of "The Hilda Garden."  Susun was thrilled to carry home this plaque and show  it off to me.  She really deserves some recognition for what she's been doing with that Hilda Garden during the past 3 full growing seasons.  It's a wonderful place to go hang out and it sure gets a lot of attention from the tourons, especially the Japanese.

Since they've given her a plaque, I guess that also means she's a lock to be able to count on having the honor of planting and caring for The Hilda Garden again next year.

Congratulations, Susun, ya dun good!


Maggie said...

I remember that from the first time I visited you guys, there were always flowers outside your place to brighten things up, just as Susun does every single day. Congrats.

The Goatherder said...

Susun's natural affinity for all things that grow is a constant source of wonder for us. Bravo!

Siegfried said...

Beautiful plot!! How about coming and doing one in our yard!

Kirsty said...

What a beautiful garden she has created. It captures her beautiful spirit :)