Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday @ Home

It was a great day here. I was so tired all morning I couldn't even go to the Farmer's Market. Susun went to buy tomatoes for Karen's gig. Then she went and met her friend, Rachel, at Hilda's Garden and they deadheaded together for maybe an hour. Me? I was a Zombie all morning. Heck, I couldn't even remember to wear my trademark hat to Sam's Club when I returned a worthless camera. The door greeter even said, "Where is your hat?" That's when you know yer busted.

I took the unprecedented step today of writing a two page letter about how worthless the digital camera was. The Sam's staff really didn't know what to do with such a letter. I said I wanted it to be sent to the Sam's Buyer's Department. They all said, "We will see what see what we can do." Yeah, that's corporate America for you.

Corporate America is so weird sometimes. No, I am not going to get into a political commentary here. Don't worry. But, hey, we all know it's weird sometimes. It just goes with the turf.

Well, I needed something to energize me and to find SOMETHING to motivate me today. I was SO freaking bone tired, I could barely pry open my eyelids with a toothpick. It's been a long time since I've been conscious of being that totally tired. Susun said, "Why don't you just stay home and sleep?" Well as Ed Schmid once said, "You can sleep when yer dead." I feel that sleeping during a perfectly fine day is kind of like wasting the day. Susun differs with her opinion on this and I have to admit that her naps make her far more productive and energetic that she would otherwise be.

But me? Nah, I cain't just lie down and sleep. Heck there's three thrift stores in town. Who needs a nap when you can go shopping? So that's what I did. In fact, I visited each of those three thrift stores 3 times each today. By the end of the day, I forgot I was tired and I was totally energized. That's what three good thrift stores can do for a tired guy. I mean like really, ya know?

Anyway, while we have been camping lately, we have been engaging each other in a hypothetical situation. It's been one of those "what if" things that people talk about during the tail end of Happy Hour. So, we have been talking about "what if" we had different camping rigs for different situations and "never the twain shall any of them meet."

I mean why should we cannibalize our GO TO camping set up just for a day trip or a motel trip? Why not have a rig for each type of trip? DUH! Sounds simple. Anyway, that's what I did all day, relentlessly and Totally Type A-ness-ly. I made some great strides in getting those ALT rigs together.

Meanwhile, Susun got her Beauty Act together and then she left with Karen to do the Habitat gig. She left at 2:30 and returned well after 7 pm. She helped set up for a Volunteer Recognition BBQ next to the Chukars' ballpark.  She sez a good time was had by all. HFH (Habitat For Humanity) was today's headline story in the local daily newspaper. It was a big deal. You can click here to read a PDF file of the story. 

Well, that's about all we did. It rained hard during the day and the temps were real cool all day. What a welcome surprise here at home.

Cheers, jp

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