Monday, August 16, 2010

Here we be

Susun's real good at taking pictures like this one.  She's a Pro Photog when it comes to self portraits.  This one was kinda of interesting because there were a LOT of people in the background but you can't see any of them. (It was a whole Main Salmon River trip roster of commercial passengers getting their orientation.) How odd.  Anyway, most of the people that you can't see are staring up at our balcony watching Susun try to take this picture.  The photo below is what the sky looked like when she was trying to take this picture.  There's NO way she could get us and the sky together but we will give her an A+ for trying.  Sometimes when Susun takes photos  like this she reminds me of a 1999 Tim Allen movie "Galaxy Quest" where the line "never give up, never surrender" was made famous.  (Click here for a YouTube of the preview trailer for this B Movie classic.)
By the way, the horizon in the photo below is the Continental Divide.  Montana's on the other side of the skyline.

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