Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My, how short these days seem to be

 It sure seems like these days have very short legs and they are over practically before they get started.  It doesn't matter how early I get up--the day is gone before I know it.  Take today--I started at 6 am and here it is 8:30 already and I feel like I am a mile or two behind the curve already.  Yesterday, I worked six hours on the river guide project and didn't even get out of the house until NOON!!  Then it was a blur or errands and shopping--a total of ten stores visited!  There's a lot more on today's agenda that there was on yesterday's.  Even though we aren't scheduled to leave until Sunday afternoon, I already feel like I am running behind and getting FARTHER behind as today progresses.  What gives with that, anyway? 

Well, anyway, we are making some progress on resolving our data issues with the BLM on the river project.  We think we have a pretty balanced approach to our future sessions up on the river.We talked at length yesterday with one of the BLM's GIS specialists and we think we now know how to use the Trimble Juno in a manner that will acquire usable data for them without endangering our own safety while floating the river.  Meanwhile, after a few hours of frustration, we were able to pull our own waypoints out of the Magellan Triton 400 and get them converted to KML files and uploaded onto Google Earth and Google Maps.  We then began annotating them and we think we will have a PGP (Pretty Good Product).  We used one of our older digital voice recorders to make notes on two of the trips.  Today, we're going to buy a much better digital voice recorder for future use.  We popped for a waterproof digital camera yesterday and have spent this morning (so far) learning about how it functions.  (Luckily, we happened to notice that it's waterproof but it does NOT float.  That's a good thing to know.)  Click here to learn about the camera.

We have quite a pile on our plate right now so there's not much time to blog this morning.  We did find a lot of fun stuff in the thrift stores yesterday--REALLY fun stuff! Last night we actually successfully smoked four ears of corn on the cob.  We smoked them for one full hour and they turned out great. Susun ate every kernel from her cobs so she obviously liked them a lot.  She's dog-sitting for a couple of days this week. 

Well, we have to run along now.  Have a great day and many cheers, jp

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