Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Ahead

Wouldn't it be interesting as we are cruising down Life's Road if we came upon a yellow diamond warning sign that simply said, "Caution, Monday Ahead?"  Ah, but we know better--we've all learned to be wary of Mondays.  Whether we are at work, home or play, Monday's seem to hold a special ability to brings tweaks and turns to Life's twisting path.  We wonder what this Monday holds in store for us?  It's already scheduled to be quite an interesting and fun day.  So, let's call today a "Merry Monday" and hope that the moniker holds from start to finish.

Hey, we're blogging early.  Whazzup?  Well, our intuition struck again and told us to "GO HOME" yesterday and we arrived here in sunny, hot Idaho Falls about 1 pm after a splendid BBB camping trip. We had a great remainder of the day here at home--summer here is truly wonderful.  We dearly love camping but we sure love the summer comforts of home, too.

But why cut a splendid camping trip short?  Simple, Dear LBRs--Bryan and Da Boyz are coming to visit today.  Originally, we thought we could merrily return home in time to greet their arrival.  But then we remembered that their visit will take place on a Monday.  And we all know what havoc Mondays can cause for the unprepared and the unsuspecting.  So, we wisely decided to return Sunday and be all rested up for today's visit from Bryan, Nathan and Sam.  They should be here between 2-3 pm.  Hopefully, we will be able to all go down and paddle around in John's Hole on the Snake River right smack dab here in the middle of the city.  We're certain to play some great croquet, too.  And, yep, we're certain to enjoy some fine food as well.
All of the above certainly bodes well for Monday's forecast.  We shall see how it all shakes out. 

Afterall, this IS a Monday!  Luckily for us, Monday started out on a Super Positive note.  How so?  Well, as you know, Kirsty S. provides a great deal of inspiration for this blog.  She celebrates the wonder and beauty of every day (whether it's a Monday or not).  She is relentlessly positive and her spirit and enthusiasm for the joys of life are contagious.  Well, imagine how humbled I was to open up the Blogger Dashboard this Monday morning and find a comment from Kirsty herself.

Here is what she had to say, "I am so, so honoured John. You and Susan are one of the greatest inspirations in my life. I think finding you (my guardian angels) has to be one of greatest benefits I have found in blogging. xoxoxoxo Thank you."  WOW, Thank You, Kirsty! Getting your comment got this particular Monday off on the Super Positive right foot and gave us a great reason to call this a Merry Monday!  You can click here to read Kirsty's awesome blog.

Well, what about the camping trip?  Gee, where to start?  Well, let's just say it was wonderful--best trip yet this summer.  We rediscovered why we love Riverside Campground and Site B8.  We rediscovered why we love the Island Park Caldera, The Henry's Fork, Box Canyon Trail and Mesa Falls.  We baptized our boat with two trips.  It's a great boat and everything we hoped it would be. We will post up various descriptions of "this and that" in the days ahead.

For now, we just wanted to say "HI, We're back," and we're Very Happy Campers.

More soon.  May You Enjoy Many Monday Cheers!  jp

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