Saturday, June 12, 2010

Action Woman

Susun was in Her Element Saturday.  We showed up a little after 8 am.  The City delivered precisely right on time @ 8:30 and three women braved the bad weather to plant.  Indeed, they PLANTED!  We didn't leave until a little after 1 pm so it was a full five hours of planting action.  We have a lot of great photos.  This is what a "Full Body Smile" (FBS) looks like.  We mentioned the FBS in a previous post but we thought we ought to SHOW what an FBS actually looks like.  That's The Falls pouring 24,000 cfs off her right shoulder.  You can see the railing of The Falls overlook just below her right shoulder.  The thunder of the water wasn't deafening.  But it was thundering. The Snake ROX!

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Marti Spudboater said...

I need to borrow Susun for a weekend of Boise gardening one of these years. We would have great fun together. I am torn between my love of garden time and my love of internet time with Johnny Montezuma. Hopefully I did my homework on my garden so while I'm away for a few weeks the house sitter has little or nothing to worry about.