Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sun Day

Blue Bird Morning--classic Summer Sun Day. Yesterday's high of 83 will probably be repeated again today.  This weather's like a big, fat ear of delicious sweet corn--grab it with both hands and enjoy!

Yesterday went pretty much true to the morning's predicted agenda.  Breakfast on the Bank was great, the yard sales were fun and Bluegrass on the Greenbelt was a fine way to end the day.  In between, we each found a "new project."  Susun now has a spiffy table to serve summer buffets in her courtyard.  Me?  I found a 1952 Coleman 413D campstove for $10 at the LDS Deseret Industries mega-thrift store.  We did our first post on the Camp Tip blog about this stove. Click here to see it.

Not much else going on here--no real news to report.  Below are some thumbnails of various activities yesterday--as usual, click on the small picture to see the larger versions.

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