Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moment of Silence

Let us please join our virtual online hands together and bow our heads in a Moment of Silence to Honor and Memorialize all that has been lost today on and around The fabled, legendary and, yes, Mystical San Francisco Peaks.

The Schultz Fire is on an epic, historic and tragic journey through the forests of The Peaks. Rumor has it that Doyle is gone. Rumor has it that Lockett Meadow is gone. Much more will be gone soon. One thing';s for sure--The plume is over 30,000 feet and visible from space. It is creating its own weather and will continue to do so until well after the sun sets.

There is nothing Wildland Firefighters can do at this time. It is far too dangerous to get even close to the perimeter of this Monster. Let us pray that it spares nearby neighborhoods. Over 1,000 homes are rumored to be at risk.

All we can do as reverent users of these once wonderful areas is to bow our heads in The Prayer of a Moment of Silence. Let us reflect upon all those great times we had in those awesome places there. Let us remember the Best of Times. And let us hold in our Hearts a Positive Spirit and know that this land will once again heal and be reborn as it always has throughout time.

We are today witnessing one of the sad but inevitable chapters of a Desert Forest. They do not exist forever. They are born to die. That much is written is history. History moves in cycles and today a new chapter was ignited.

Yes, it is very sad. Very sad, indeed. But it is a fact and it is history. Of that there is no doubt.

So, please, when you read this, Honor that place with your silent Prayer and a Moment of Silence for all those who have cared forever for that place.

May God's Grace Be With You Always, jp


siegfried said...

God, what a terrible thing! I'm sure that you went to many places in that area when you lived in Flag. To know that they are are now gone is heartbreaking.

Ed Abbey's book, "The Black Sun" described some of that country - it sounded so lovely - a green oasis in the dry land.

Sorry, John

Dave E.

Kbred777 said...

Thank you for this post John. You have a way with words. It hurts to know many of the places I have enjoyed will never be the same in my lifetime. My new nephew will never get to see them the same way we did. I hope that everyone stays safe up there!