Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Howdy from the Dubois Library

Hi, there!  We're sitting in one of those awesome small town Wyoming public libraries.  From what we've seen overthe year, Wyoming really, TRULY cares about public literacy, all the goat roper jokes aside.  This library here in Dubois is a tremendous facility--totally modern--great internet access terminals and free WIFI, too.  It's big, well lit and a delight to visit.  We alwyas like to say that a libraries are like human eyes.  Human eyes are supposed to be the window to the individuals soul.  Well, we believe libraries are the window to a community's soul.  You can really tell a LOT about a community by the quality of their library!

We had a delightful day yesterday, piddling around here and there--it was great--heck, we didn't even get out of River City until about 11 am.  Stopped off in Jackson and then at Dornan's, as you know, and really took our time making up up and over Togwotee Pass.  We arrived at the Falls Campground in the far upper reachers of the Wind River headwaters about 5 pm and took our time setting up camp.  We enjoyed the last rays of the longest day and finally went to bed about 10 pm.

The Falls Campground has been completely rennovated--brand new everything.  It's a real treat so we decided to stay another night.  Depending on how we feel, we might even spend the entire week there.  Our initial travel schedule was pretty Type A.  It's a 25 minute drive to Dubois from the campground.  That's about the same as a trip from Rimrock to Cottonwood, except we're driving along the Wind River and looking at pretty darned spectacular scenery.

I've only got 3 minutes left on my little thingie that allows computer access.  Maybe later I will drag in the laptop and check out the WIFI and post some photos, too.  One cool thing about that Falls Campground is that they hagve racked up about a quarter cord of wood at each campsite--so all the firewood you can possibly burn is free!  Yippee, skippee!  Also, it's only $5 a night now because the water hasn't been turned on.  No mosquitoes or black flies yet because it's been too cold.  There might be some big t-storms this afternoon but the weather is supposed to clear for the remainder of the week.

Thanks for everyone's commentys--there were 5 of them!  Awesome.  We've checked in on teh Schultz Fire and it looks like they will get a handle on it today.  Thanks Maggie for your photos!  Well, down to 20 secons so I guess I better log off.

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