Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wind Update

This happens all too often.  The Pokeymon (our name for the NWS Staff in Pocatello) sit in their windowless rooms on Beechcraft Drive at the airport and write stuff that's totally disconnected with reality.  We often wonder if they actually go outside and look into the sky.  OK, they still have a "High Wind Warning" for Idaho Falls.  Their morning discussion claims the wind is howling and will gust to 60 mph.  Meanwhile, I look out our window and see no wind.  The skies are blue and the treetops aren't moving.  Yes, and I look at our own airport data station and it says the wind is blowing a mere 9 mph.  That's barely a breeze for the Snake Plain.  Maybe the wind is playing hide and seek. Maybe the wind took a detour and got lost.  Maybe it's just saving up for its biggest blow yet.  Gee, maybe the wind is gone!  Nah, that's not possible this time of year.  Anyway, whenever the Pokeymon get this disconnected with obvious reality, it's always fun to pokey a little fun at them.

I had a realization this morning.  Yesterday and today are the very first weekdays that I haven't had to get up and go to work!  We moved here in August 2007.  My first day on the job was August 22.  Ever since then (unless I've been ill) week days have been work days.  I've never had the joy of simply being able to wake up and do whatever I want on a weekday. Imagine that.  I gotta say, it feels real good and is very much appreciated.

Have a great day & Cheers!  jp

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