Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time keeps on slipping...

Who wrote those words?  Steve Miller, of course, for "Fly Like An Eagle."  Time keeps on slipping, slipping into the future.  Yep, we can sure hear the echoes of those words these days.  When we arrived back here Sunday evening, we thought, "Ah, now lots of time to relax and rig for the next trip Friday morning!"  Well, say "AH!"  It's just about 24 hours now from the time to leave again and we sure haven't finished all the chores we need to do to be ready.  That means today it gonna be one of those sprinter days--everything's a sprint from start to finish--including this blog post.

We spent 90 minutes on the Greenbelt with Carrie yesterday. That means we have to sprint to get all the photos we took posted up on the art bench blogs. Whew--hopefully that will take less than an hour but somehow I'm guessing maybe two hours. (NOTE added @ 8 am--It took a lot less time than I thought, maybe a little more than 30 minutes. Click here to see the album of the art bench sites.)

There's still lots of tasks to do to prep the NVUM stuff. Top priority is learning how to use the infrared counter. There won't be time to master it when we arrive so I need to learn it NOW--there is no tomorrow for that task.

Carlos came by and picked up the trailer at 10:15.  Gee, that means we get to go buy a brand new boat. We've never bought a brand new boat in our whole lives. So that makes this a special day. If we order it today, it will be here next week when we come home. Oh, Happy Day! Aire Lynx II, here we come! We certainly can't rush such a special moment in time. Nope, we will definitely savor the purchase of a new boat. Who knows if such a moment will ever come around again in this lifetime?

Gotta buy food, pack coolers, pack the truck, pack our clothes, pack, pack, pack. Gotta get a haircut, register the Zuki, the list goes on. I might not be lean and fast but I sure feel like a sprinter in the three point stance waiting for the gun this morning.

This type of hustle on a deadline always brings echoes of Ricky Martin's "The Cup of Life" to mind:

Do you really want it?
Go, go, go, ale ale ale
Go, go, go, here we go, yeah!

OK, I promised you "the rest of the story" about the travel trailer. Here it is.
So, yesterday morning Susun and I had a long discussion about the trailer. We firmly decided to keep it and not sell it. We reasoned that we would buy a Toyota 4Runner six-cylinder 5-speed and put our camping gear in the trailer. We spun up a really good fantasy and said, "We don't really need a boat anyway." That was that. Then Houn' Dawg came over to gift us with a wedge with which to split firewood. (Thanks, Jef!) He and I went out to the trailer and he said, "Oh, don't sell this trailer, John, you will really regret it." We had a long discussion about his prediction. We both decided he was right and shook hands and I said, "Don't worry, we won't sell the trailer." That was that. HA! Somehow when you make such statements and say such things, there's a peculiar karma that gets invoked and comes along and creates the opposite of your initial intentions. It's almost as if by taking the Ying Road, you are guaranteeing the Yang Road. You know that road, it leads to some remote hot springs over by Featherville, Idaho!

Cheers, jp

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