Wednesday, May 26, 2010

48 Hours

Remember that Eddie Murphy movie "48 Hours?"  Well, we kinda always measure stuff by 48 hour increments.  A lot can happen in 48 hours.  Right now, we're looking at the graphic above.  It's the NWS graphic for how much water is going to fall to earth in the next 48 hours.  You can easily see Calgary, Alberta, Canada is going to get pounded!  Meanwhile, the South Fork of the Boise River (AKA: Baumgartner Campground) is on the fringe of this late May mayhem.  Nevertheless, judging from pool table lingo (AKA: Left English), we'd have to guess that Baumgartner area is going to get some rather significant rainfall.  Hey, it's going to be WET!  That's the bottom line: W-E-T.

We're really, really GLAD to be home and NOT W-E-T!  Being WET only goes so far on the Fun Factor Scale (F2S--Pronounced "Eff-tuews"  See Glossary for clarification.).  Quite frankly, we have it on good information that being WET actually detracts from your F2S score.  We've learned that most people score a LOT higher on the F2S Scale when they are DRY and not WET.  Who'd a thunk it?  Will wonders never cease?"

On this camping trip, we actually decided to enhance our F2S score by trying to stay DRY and WARM!  What a novel idea, eh?  As we repeatedly said to each other on this trip: "Someday, we're going to learn how to camp!"

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