Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Volunteer update

As most of my Loyal Blog Readers (LBRs) know, I am still very much "in the mix" with the "world of volunteerism." I thought this morning would be a fine time to ramble awhile about whazzup with volunteerism.

First, one of the really fun projects I am involved with is the Snake River Greenbelt Art Bench Project. Most of you have already read numerous blog references to this topic in past months. Carrie G-S is a delight to work with and she is a genuine textbook example of the very best and brightest that the upcoming Baby Boom Generation (AKA: The Age Wave) will be bringing to The World of Volunteerism. Anyway, Carrie has been busily sending along artist's renditions of various bench ideas. SO far, I think there's 23 proposed bench designs. I am in the midst of trying to figure a way to present the bench designs so that anyone can quickly get an overview of them. That's been my big project this morning. I've spent over an hour on it so far with perhaps 2-3 more hours to go. This is the type of volunteerism that I really love for myself--sitting at the computer and doing something actually productive. Imagine that!

The five graphic slideshow above is a draft concept of how it might be possible to present these designs. If any LBRs have any comments on this format, I sure would appreciate hearing from you.

OK, moving right along: my Loyal Sidekick and Partner @ RSVP, Dear Debby, informed be yesterday that somehow the federal continuation grant dropped through a crack during the my transition into retirement. There's a mere 2 weeks from today to "git 'er dun," soooo....that means I am going to be doing a heck of a lot of Virtual Volunteerism between now and April 21 to help Debby get the $65,000 grant turn in. Without it, RSVP ceases to exist on July First!

This week, I received a call from Stephanie G. of the Idaho Falls Farmers Market. I enjoy working with her SO much. Anyway, there was a momentary panic that the IFFM website had been inadvertently disabled. Luckily, it was a false alarm. We will be heavily involved with IFFM in the years ahead. This year, I suspect we will be doing some videos of various producers and mnaybe serving as prototype IFFM docents, too. We're going to try to schedule our travel so we can be home on weekends--primarily to attend the IFFM. It opens May 1 and we sure hope to be there.

We continue to put a lot of volunteer efforts into assisting the embryonic Friends of Harriman State Park. We were on the phone for quite awhile yesterday with the Asst. Park Manager. There's a fiasco-in-progress taking shape there. It's too long a story to tell here--maybe we will do a separate post on it soon here or elsewhere. Very sensitive, touchy issues. I hope those issues don't torpedo the great work done so far.

We've had some communication with the National Park Service about volunteering for our neighbor--Montezuma Well National Monument. However, it has become quite confusing, as any communications with the federales are wont to be. So, we've put that one on the back burner.

As you know, we logged 3 days as an on-river volunteer. We then let the Salt River Ranger know we'd volunteer for him, too, to do a trip through the whitewater and Wilderness there. He's interested but we haven't heard back from his in the last couple of days.

The idea to volunteer for Max Castillo fell through when he was transferred to Slide Rock State Park. The whole Arizona State Parks scene is in such turmoil, it's simply not feasible to hook up with this this year.

Meanwhile, we contacted our old Secret Shopper Boss, Sue Kocis in Michigan. We're applying to be a Virtual Volunteer for her. Time will tell if that works out.

The Volkssport idea is on hold until we return to Idaho Falls. We think it's in a good situation and is poised to become reality. It simply needs onsite management.

Our relationship with CAHA (Clayton Area Historical Association) continues to prosper. We are looking forward to working with them. We're already booked to be Chili Contest Judges in late July. Mike's agreed to pay our gas money to Clayton, too! Plus, all the chili we can stand to eat.

Gary G. of the Sawtooth Interpretive & Historical Assn. sent in a partnership agreement the other day. It's going to be great to continue to work with him--he's the MOST Awesome volunteer I've ever seen--well, maybe second to Buck H. Maybe tied with Buck. But awesome nonetheless.

We contacted our buddy in the Challis BLM about writing a river guide from Stanley to Corn Creek this summer. He's possibly interested and sent my email to the other agency river managers. It's a long shot but it's worth asking about.

We're going to jump on a personal volunteer project as soon as we return to Idaho Falls. I'm going to paint the railing along the Greenbelt at the intersection of Riverside and Broadway. That peeling paint has been bugging me since the first time I saw it in 2004. I told Dave C. I'm gonna paint it even if I have to pay for the paint myself!

I somehow suspect we will be doing some Program Development Volunteering for RSVP this year. It's just a suspicion and an intuition at this point.

This Friday, the Friends of Montezuma Well are apparently going to plant their Hopi Garden--working with at least one Hopi Elder. I think we will go there and see how they have their "volunteer act" organized. Here's a link about it.

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