Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, Monday

As expected the wind is picking up rapidly.  It's progged to get to 65 mph up on the Little Colorado.  The "angle of the dangle" translates that it maybe a 40-45 mph wind down here.  Way too stiff to spray weeds today.  We'll probably haul brush to the landfill.. WOT FUN!

Got up @ 5 am and spent a couple of hours researching conditions and circumstances about The Wave and also Bryce Canyon.  A potential trip to the West Deserts is looking dimmer than it did last night.  Well, The Wave idea bit the dust, too.  All online permits are already taken months in advance.  The only resource is the "walk-in" option.  They give out permits for 10 people each day.  That's ten people TOTAL.  So, I called the BLM in Kanab, Utah, this morning.  Hum...each day there's anywhere from 60-80 people vying for those ten spots.  Nah, we ain't gonna go there.

Meanwhile, believe it or not, the US NRCS SNOTEL at Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park still shows 30 inches of snow.  A potion of one of the key arterial trails is closed due to a rockslide.  I put in a call to them to see if the popular trails are still drifted in their shadowed areas.  Haven't heard back but Bryce is looking dim and dimmer, too.  It's looking less likely that we will try to do a river trip up in Zion NP.  Just not enough time.

We will probably simply stay here and ride out the full moon and take off April 29--just like we speculated a few blog posts ago.  Do the long run to Fillmore or Nephi and then play dodge 'em cars through Salt Lake and get home midday Friday, April 30.  At this point, that's the way I'm betting we will go.

A big deal is happening tonight.  It's the final game of the NCAA Basketball Season--the culmination of what's widely known as March Madness.  It's the Butler Bulldogs against a team a lot of people love to despise--Duke.  I've never cared for Duke and that disdain far predates their rise to a perennial basketball power.  Meanwhile, Butler is about as "down home" as it's possible to get in this day and age.  We have a Dear Friend (Pastor Pam, The Sermonator) who graduated from Butler.  She's rooting mightily for her Bulldogs tonight.  So, please, if you will, join us in rooting as well for those lowly Bulldogs--may they bite the mighty Blue Devils and be Champions of the College World tonight!

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Anonymous said...

John: I just wanted you to know that Megan watched that game and her comment about Duke was "They suck ass, go Butler" and "just a bunch of rich white boys who will rip everyone off as bankers when they graduate".. Wow, what did I do to deserve such a darling girl who pays attention and knows what's going on. Too bad Butler lost by two points, but it was till a great game.