Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maybe time to play today?

Hum...let's see, maybe we get some time to play today. The wind has laid down this morning (so far)and it's clear, crisp and quite cool in the mid-30's. Do I hear a hike this morning? Time will tell.

Just checked on Idaho Falls weather. The Pokemon weather guys had this to say in their 3 am Area Forecast Discussion: HEAVY SNOW HAS BEEN FALLING IN IDAHO FALLS FOR SEVERAL HOURS NOW AND EXPECT UP TO 5 INCHES IN THE UPPER SNAKE PLAIN THROUGH MID MORNING. Gee...what's happening to the poor little forlorn Easter Bunny? He's freezing his energizers off!

Apparently, the Eastern Idaho area has been getting some early spring weather mayhem lately. I was reading the Island Park News and they were talking about 6-10 foot drifts and snowmobilers being rescued. Hum...if this trend keeps up maybe we will hunker down in Arizona and delay our departure to Tater Nation.

The Big Brush Be Gone Caper yesterday was the last of the Big Grunt Work we have to do here this spring. This visit has been nothing like the November-December marathon. The next biggest chore is additional weed spraying. Luckily, the wind has given me a great excuse to blow off the spraying. (No pun intended, of course.)

We might go to Cottonwood today and we might not. The sound of boots hitting the trail might be a stronger call than a few hours of shopping. I hear stirrings from Miss Susun's vicinity. Guess a new day is yawning, opps, I mean dawning.

Speaking of which--have a great day and MANY Cheers, jp

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