Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Friday in Arizona

We're in our countdown mode again--we call it the glide path. We're taking off Wednesday morning so our remaining time is rapidly shrinking. As NASA would say, it's "T minus 96 hours and counting." Click here for an honest-to-gosh countdown clock that's wired to count down to 7 am next Wednesday.

After breakfast yesterday with Gary and Robin we enjoyed a leisurely Blue Grade stroll--no wind and we weren't walking for time. It was fun and relaxing.

We left a little before 1 pm to go to Bob's place in Sedona. He's done an amazing job in remodeling Betty's old house (built by Bob's Dad). Truly outstanding piece of work!

We did some shopping at two groceries in Sedona and enjoyed a light rain while coming back through the thick traffic.

I finally decided to get serious about grilling by doing up six pork chops on the Patio Caddie. Then we did an experiment with four bone-in chicken breasts and successfully cooked them on the open fire in a legless dutch over on a grate atop the campfire chimney. They turned out great.

Susun finally got her wish to sleep under the stars by setting up the hammock with a sleeping bag. She retreated into the house soon after the temps dropped below the bag's rating.

Today's going to be a nice big day. Maggie, Kelli and Steve are coming to visit at noon. We haven't seen them in forever and we're going to have a fine time together.

The jury's out on whether and when we might be able to burn and spray again. You look at that countdown clock and there's not a lot of wiggle room left in our tenure here.

I suppose you've noticed that Arizona's in the national spotlight. Since it's about politics, we're not going to discuss it on this blog. However, it's hard not to read about it and it's impossible to avoid the ramifications of it. Suffice to say that it's a sad day in Arizona history.

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