Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Verde River Trip account posted

Howdy, LBR's! Believe it or not, I've spent OVER 2 hours writing up my account of my Verde River Trip this past weekend. I know some of you have been awaiting a detailed account of this adventure. Well, I put it on the other blog--it's a huge amount of writing! It's here:

I haven't yet processed any photos and I expect that to take yet another hour or two in itself.  I have run out of time for this morning.  Maybe I will get to the photos tomorrow morning.  I hope so, I have some good ones.  Anyway, enjoy the writeup, it's as complete as I can make it.

I got out of here at 9 am yesterday and arrived back with Susun at 1:30 pm.  That's an amazing Hunter Thompson style round trip to Mesa and back in near record short time.  I was so tired upon return I actually took an hour long NAP!  Johnny don't nap, does he?  Well, he sure did yesterday!

After arising from the nap, the wind was howling pretty good.  So, I decided to make a windproof fire enclosure so we could have a campfire in a high wind.  I spent almost 2 hours messing with it and it turned out perfect.  I will get some photos up and running later.  Anyway, we can now have a fire in a gale force wind.  We have a nice light dinner of chicken breasts and sliced tomato and I went to bed a little after 7 pm.  UP at 5 am this morning and got busy writing a about 5:45.  Whew--glad that writeup is behind me.

What's on tap for today?  Good question--we have no clue--tune in tomorrow to lean how it all turned out.

Cheers!  J&S

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