Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Online in Arizona

Wow, what a day! Bottom Line: We're Online Again. It's nearing 10 pm MST and I'm bushed. Going to bed now. I've done some righteous hand-to-hand combat with Qwest Tech Support to get reconnected here. Obviously we got 'er done. Long story.

Meanwhile the day's drive was off the charts. The last couple of hours was totally white knuckle to the Nth degree. We're danged lucky to be here in one piece.

We got all our infrastructure up and running and ate a real meal cooked on a real gas stove. Life is good.

It's winter down here--no kidding.

Well, lots more tomorrow--we're safe and tucked into snuggies. Many Cheers, jp

1 comment:

stasea said...

glad you made it..I can relax a little now..having you guys and dad on the road at the same time is nerve racking!!