Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Falling behind

For every blog post I make, it seems I wind up two posts behind! I look at the recent posts and realize they are two days old and think, "Gee, John, whazzup?"

I sent an email to a Dear Friend yesterday saying I felt like a twig being carried along in a flood. What we're doing clearly isn't as hard or of the level as what we did in November-December. At least we aren't immersed in a daily grind of total grunt work. However, we are immersed in a high speed flow of events and activities. Time seems to speed along like Tod and Buz in their Corvette in the Route 66 TV show.

Sunday, we had a fine short snowshoe up on the Coconino Plateau near the Willard Springs exit on I-17. Went to Cottonwood for some frenzied shopping and then enjoyed a wonderful, beautiful afternoon at the home of The Three Wheelers. Thanks, Brad, Kate & Joshua, that afternoon is a Golden Moment in our memories!

Yesterday was as close to grunt work as we've been since we arrived here almost 2 weeks ago. We both worked hard for 8 hours in the yard. Didn't even take a lunch break. I fired up the new $350 high wheel weedwhacker and Susun went hand to hand against the mesquite trees. We had a very successful day and now the place looks great once again. All of the work was in preparation to spray weeds today but it looks like Weed Karma has given them a temporary stay of execution. As you can see from the graphic, there's plenty of water vapor over Arizona. That blob of orange stuff is water vapor. It's progged to rain today. Not much, mind you, but ANY rain pretty much cancels a weed spray day. Dang, all dressed up and no place to go!

Talked to Dear Friend Dex A. last night. He invited me on a three-day, two-night river trip this coming weekend. I think I will clear my decks and say "yes" and go.
Thanks, Dex!

Dear Friend and LBR Kris C. sent Susun a note saying she (Kris) is enjoying the blog. We appreciate such notes. Kris said she uses the blog to keep up with what we are doing. That's why I titled this blog "The Daily News." It's good practice for me to keep this blog updated and it does help our family and friends understand how our lives are evolving. I only hope that the blog doesn't turn into "The Daily Snooze!"

Personally, I don't like blogs that aren't updated. I won't go visit them. Why should I? So, on that note, we pledge to do a better job at penning a regular dose of Daily News. Thanks for your patience and understanding, jp.

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