Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet tweets

We just bought another $30 airtime card for our Wally World prepaid phone.  This is the one that gives us 1000 free text messages in a 30-day period.  (Plus 1000 minutes of talk time, too!)  Anyway, we get 'er all activated and linked up and the phone can talk to the Twitter and everything is good.  Note that I moved the Twitter back to the top of this blog left hand column.  You can see I have sent a test Tweet to the account and it was rec'd OK.  We will now send some Tweets from the yurt on this trip.  You can check this blog or oyu can go directly to the Twitter:

I will also be linking the cell phone number to our google voice account.  Anyway, that's the deal.  We're msotly packed and ready to roll--it's starting to become a misty rain outside and that spells freezing rain up north.  Hope the roads are OK!  C-YA soon!  jp

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