Sunday, February 14, 2010


(Editor's Note: I posted up tonight's dinner photos several hours after writing the post below.)

Nice weather here today--mid-30's and sunny.  Looking down in Arizona we see it's mid-60's at the straw house and mid-70's down in Phoenix.  Typical Arizona Spring.

We've finished most of our pa-diddly little house things.  We only need to do a trail run with the compressor and a couple of other nit-picky things and we're finished.  All the hard work is done.  The place is about as secure as we can make it.  Once the pipes are purged and the water and electricity turned off, we don't have to worry about a thing here while we are gone.

We treated ourselves to a snake today--a big chunk of fried cod from Wendy's  We had them hold the tartar sauce and we threw away the buns.  We split the piece of cod so it wasn't much of a "cheat" on our diet.  Sure did taste good.

Yesterday, our Dear Friend Jeff The Jon-E Handwarmer King, and I talked ourselfs into thinking we could bid on that NVUM project.  Is BS could walk, our BS really had LEGS!  Yes sirree, we had ourselves walking that talk well into the evening.  Today, in the cold hard light of Sunday, we both realized we had temporarily taken leave of our senses.  Susun and I still stand behind every word in the blog post below about NVUM and we will solicit some sub-contracting from whoever gets the contract.  That would be a much more sane way to approach the Karma of NVUM.  It's exciting to think that we will be doing something with NVUM again this summer.  Meanwhile we can rest easy as far as what might have been a mad scramble to submit a bid.  We really want (and NEED) some serious goof-off time this summer.  Working practically non-stop from early May to early October doesn't count as goofing off.

Not much else going on today--just an easy going Sunday.  CHEERS!  J&S

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