Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day

This is about as bogus a paid holiday as it gets during the annual cycle of paid holidays.  I mean, really, come on, folks, why should we be having a paid holiday to honor some dead presidents?  BOGUS!  Hey, I'll take it, though, who cares?

Speaking of George Washington, I'd like to share a little tidbit with you that I learned back in the 1970's.  If Washington was alive today, he would be at the forefront of social networking and especially blogging.  One of Washington's little known traits was that he was a truly obsessive journal keeper.  He would write down teh details of each and every day--including reams of minute details that no one would seem to care about.  He was especially big on describing the weather.  Very few people of his era--those of the goose quill pen--were so dedicated and faithful about keeping daily notes.  Washington really had no peer in this category--he was way ahead of his time.  Way to go, George!

One thing that bugs me is that Washington gets his mug on a lowly dollar bil while that scumbag Grant gets his face on the Grant.  Grant was about as corrupt as they come, at least in terms of corrupt Presidents.  We sstill have to deal with his legacy with the ridiculous 1872 mining law.  I think they should put Grant on a Penny and elevate Lincoln to something respectable and take George off the dollar bill and give him some status, dang it!

Name brand tools don't go on sale very often.  Today, however, Fred Meyer pegs all their name brand hand tools at 50% off--for six hours only.  It's a smokin' deal and time to restock on all the tools I left down in Arizona.  This puts the name brand tools almost at the same price level as that cheap-o stuff from Harbor Freight.

It's snowing again--very light snow but still snow.  Not enough to shovel or blow--we will probably sweep it.

That's about it for this morning.  Cheers, jp

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