Sunday, February 7, 2010


Some people wonder why we take photos of meals and food items. Meals are like snowflakes--no two are the same. Each meal is a celebration unto itself. Sometimes, the presentation of a meal is so beautiful it simply begs to have its photo taken. Today's breakfast was one such meal--all those pretty colors and yummy food. Ummm....!  (You can click on the small pix to see bigger ones.)
Also attached is the birthday card I gave Susun earlier this week. She likes it better than any card I've ever given her. She even did some clipping and pasting and went to Office Max and had about a dozen color copies made--she is now giving them out to her friends.

As you can see below, we finally got the yurt photos posted. There are some from the big album (130 pictures) that should be in the small album (23 photos) but nothing's perfect. This has been one of those photo safaris that simply hasn't come together in a timely manner. Maybe one of these days I will write captions....but I doubt it.

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The Goatherder said...

The yurt photos are awesome, but the food styling in today's breakfast is positively professional. Well done!