Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WOW--A Comment!

Thanks, Deano!  That was awesome to see a comment pending in Ye Ol' Inbox!  Whoop-DEE-DOOOO!
You made my day.  No kidding. 

Today was mostly just another day at the office except for a 90 minute phone chat with Jeff F.  He's the guy who's responsible for the free bluegrass festival here in the city on the last Saturday in June each year.  I am helping him through a transition and it's necessary to talk a lot of things thoroughly through, if you get my drift.

Most of what else transpired there in the was mundane stuff not worth a comment.  There is a pretty fair amount of talk about the "profile" of the new boss that will be incoming.  I've decided it's going to be a 30-something, ladder-climbing, cheerleader female who will bring her own pom-poms to work every day and lead us in a cheer with the initials of my employer.  Others have their opinions.  Maybe we should start an office pool.

I finally figgered how to share a Google spreadsheet and allow it to be edited by someone else.  We are making a "bucket list" for the upcoming summer season--all the outdoor stuff we want to do.  It really helps us cope with winter and dream of great camping, floating, hiking, biking and all the rest of what people do during the summer.

After work, my day got real hyper and isn't finished yet.  I dashed off to Sam's Club to get the studded snow tires put on the back wheels of the Nissan.  We bought them and had them mounted on spare wheels long before our November departure.  But they still had to be swapped out for the summer tires.  That was smooth and speedy.  Then I bought another coupla pairs of snowshoes--that brings our inventory to 7 pair.
We're real OCD about owning snow shoes.  Obviously.

Then, dropped off Susun's Nissan and dashed off to continue to deal with teh financial damage control--got the dentist paid off and put $350 toward the charge card.  The $350 was courtesy of the FDIC.  Yes, THAT FDIC.  Some of you long time readers will remember we lost our anatomy when a bank failed in May 2008.  So, far we've recovered 31 cents on teh dollar for that loss.  The latest round of checks from the FDIC was a grand total of $352.56 so, in effect, it paid for that hot rod propane stove we bought for the straw house on Christmas Eve. 

Then, it was a burn run to WINCO and $20 later I got home.  We're wolfing down some leftover chile and heading out to Barners & Noble for Chess night.  It will feel good to get my ass kicked in chess tonight.  I have been missing that singular sensation for over two months!  Well, at least I can take solace in knowing I am helping someone else feel real good about the whole thing.

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