Friday, January 22, 2010

Traveling with The Nut Box

It's not as bad as you might be thinking.  Nope.  We both love Traveling with The Nut Box.  It's a BIG, long-time tradition with us.  Before each trip, no matter how small or how long, we prepare The Nut Box.

Tonight, I had been home barely but a few minutes and Susun puts her hand on her hip and said, "Well, I DO have a favor, John!"  And I said, "Well, what is that?"  And she said, "YOU are in charge of The Nut Box."

Now I know a lot of our Loyal Readers can have a field day with that type of lingo.  But it's not as weird as you might think.  It's simply a box full of nuts, seeds and legumes.  It sits in the front seat of our vehicle and when we get "snacky," we call out, "I'll have a hit from The Nut Box."

All sorts of goodies reside therein.  Pecans.  Almonds.  Walnuts. Spanish Peanuts. Toasted Soynuts. Pumpkin Seeds. Sunflower seeds, Dried Cranberries.  Dark Chocolate. You name it.  You can find it in The Nut Box.  It's awesome and it's nutritious.  It's filling and it easily fuels the longest trip.  Give me some water, an aspirin once in awhile and The Nut Box and I can drive at least 500 miles a day, sometimes as much as 600.  Luckily, we only have to drive 160 tomorrow.  This is a piece of cake for The Nut Box.

The nice thing about The Nut Box is that we have "proofed" the carb content of all the nuts therein and found the lowest carb content of the nuts that we travel with. (Traveling with nuts is not normally recommended.)  It's pretty amazing the wide variety of carb content between various nuts, seeds and legumes.  Spanish peanuts are SO much lower in carbs than any other type of peanut.  Soynuts are like NOTHING.  You can munch to your heart's content (quite literally) and enjoy Life On The Road with a custom configured Nut Box.  We highly recommend them.

The only thing we are missing in this Nut Box is walnuts.  They are a normal staple of our Nut Box.  Unfortunately, we forgot to restock before this Road Trip.  Bummer.  Walnuts and us go way back.  We're going to miss an Old Friend on this weekend trip.  You can be certain I won't let THAT happen again.


Anonymous said...

OK heres the deal, if you change the word "carb" into "cab of truck" and then read it.
sory Iv been away from the web and the first thing I did was look at the usgs az stream flow, as I read your page I see your as intrested as I about flooding, its in our blood wanting to be there to see it,to be a part of it with our whole self, to smell the silt and the fresh washed desert. Have a great drive, Deano

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great to hear about the Nut Box! We have found that we can drive loooooong distances eating sunflower seeds. The active de-shelling, eating the seeds, and disposing of the wet, sloopy husks keeps the mind alert to the road. Enless miles of road. Thanks. Have a great drive. Good to get this blog, John! It's been years. Nancy McCleskey told me about this and I've enjoyed the Verde/Agua Fria updates. As ever, Sue Wright