Thursday, January 21, 2010

Totally Thursday

Thanks, Kris, for your great comment this morning. You said the blog helped jump start your day. Well, your comment sure jumpstarted our day! Here's part of her comment, "Your philosophy and style start my day focused on what is important--the joy we find along the journey, if we look for it. Also, letting the BS roll off like water off a duck. THANK YOU!"

(Note Added about an hour later--I just noticed Nancy M.'s comment. WOW--Two comments to start the day. Here's what Nancy had to say: "Everyday I say "Give us this day our daily blog" when I pray. Thanks again...".)

I've been up since 5 am and will be going to work early so I can squeeze in a dental appt. at 11 am. Still have those Challis certificates hanging over me--sometimes my procrastination tendencies become very annoying. Oh, well, they will get done.

I had a wild hair this morning and applied for a Middle Fork of the Salmon permit. I'm feeling lucky and my intuition said "go for it." I put in the for the first weekend in August. The gubmint has made the process insanely easy and it only costs $6. Heck, that's more worthwhile than buying six Powerball tickets. Lot better odds--in a typical year, your odds are about 10,000 to one.

I've been messing with Facebook during the last few days. I am not a Facebook fan--actually I have Facebook-o-phobia. However, supporters of Harriman State Park have started a great Facebook site and I wanted to participate. You have to have a Facebook account to participate so I made one up. I am not sure how to link in a Facebook account to this blog but will figure it out soon. There is a major groundswell of opposition to closing Harriman State Park. What a bone-headed move that would be.

It snowed a little again overnight. Nothing major--just enough to annoy the paperboy, I'm sure. Today is the day when the leading edge of The Big Arizona Storm begins to spread across that state. It will take about 36 hours for the impacts to reach their peak and perhaps 48 hours for the peak streamflow to occur. We are quite literally on the edge of our seat waiting for this one to unfold.

Gotta run--Cheers, jp

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