Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Short Yurt Story

The Yurt was fantastic.  It far exceeded our expectations in every way.  We will be writing quite a bit about our yurt trip in much, much more detail--far more detail that you may wish to endure.  This blog post is the "short & sweet" of it.

The yurt was huge--at least 16 feet in diameter--and the legroom and spaciousness were awesome.  The little wood stove kept it toasty warm--it was often in the upper 70's, even when it was five below outside. Sledding our stuff to the yurt was a piece of cake--totally easy.  We brought all the right stuff and it all worked as planned.  Our menu was perfect.

On Thursday, we had Blue Bird skies, no wind and temps in the upper 20's. Our snow shoe adventure took almost 4 hours out around Silver Lake.  It was somewhere between five and six miles.  It was totally awesome.  We only saw 3 people all day.

Our only real adventure of the trip was when we were frozen inside the yurt.  No, not like that.  What happened was that the wood stove melted water from the top of the yurt--it drained down in front of the door Wednesday night and formed an ice dam. There was no way to open the door from the inside.  Luckily, we used our cell phone to call for a rescue mission.  Obviously, we needed to get to the outhouse Thursday morning as "time was of the essence."  They sent a speeding snowmobile to our rescue and used an antique ice breaker to chip us out of the yurt.

We played a lot of cribbage and, no, we didn't take the XM.  It was a blissful trip in every way and we are now even more in love with Harriman than ever before--if such a thing is possible.  What an incredible place.  Well, that's the short version--the long version will take all weekend to prepare.

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