Saturday, January 16, 2010


Saturday morning is about to dawn clear and cold...ten degrees. We're staying home this 3-day weekend. Time to wake up and smell the coffee and wiggle our toes in comfy slippers.

Yesterday was a typical Friday. Hardly anyone was at the office. I was able to wrap up the Clark County Project. Made a nice letter and certificate for Peg L. from Indiana. She's been helping 18+ months as a "Virtual Volunteer," doing a website from afar. Prepped an invoice for $93 reimbursement for expenses I paid on Clark County's behalf. I also finished up the Staff album (except for the Salmon people).
Big whoop-dee doo, huh? Jackie W., my employer's receptionist who might as well be an air traffic controller, said only 3 applications had been turned in for the division director's position.

Continued to mess around with the water heater caper. Went back to the Power Company and struck out once again in trying to get forms and information. Oh, well, we're not replacing it this weekend--only doing battle on the draining and possible element replacement scene.

Bought a mess of shrimp for dinner and we had a little buffet with oysters, avocado, WASA crackers, olives and so forth. It was a relaxing Friday evening. Watched another episode of Northern Exposure. It wasn't as weird as the Dead Guy episode.

Susun's Pop, Don M. isn't doing too well. He's been in Managed Care for many months now but had to go to the hospital and then into a rehab facility. It's not looking good for him. This morning I've been researching Delta's bereavement policies and preparing logistics in case Susun needs to make a sudden trip to Mesa, Arizona. There are some pretty good flights from Idaho Falls to Phoenix--just about 3.5 hours total trip time from departure to arrival.

The big news is the impending series of storms down in Arizona. Looks like El Nino is finally going to deliver. The boy child has been truant so far thsi winter with nothing to show for all the hoopla. However, there's going to be 3 storms hit Arizona this coming week with the Thursday-Friday storm being the biggest. Chances are that our little straw house at Montezumawell will see upwards of 2 inches of rain, maybe more and possibly a lot more. Luckily, the house is now ready to rock and roll for such a storm and we aren't concerned about its ability to weather the coming onslaught of Pacific-borne precipitation. That's what spending 50 days working on the place will do, eh?

This is a pretty big football weekend and I actually intend to watch portions of each of the four games. I'm especially interested in the Vikings-Cowboys and, of course, the Cards-Saints. I'm also looking forward to the Chargers-Jets and the Colts-Ravens. It would be huge for Indiana to win the Super Bowl. Hoosier Heads would swell up and explode if the Colts took it all!

Meanwhile Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are quite the pair of winners in New York and you know how The Big Apple is about celebrities. Up in frozen Minneapolis, Tony Romo will face off with his childhood hero, Bret Farve. I think Romo was in Pop Warner football when Bret first started with the Packers.

I have mixed feelings about the Cards game. Drew Brees is a Purdue product and I've always been his fan. Meanwhile, I'd like to see The Saints win the Super Bowl because of all the city has been through since Katrina. The New Orleans psyche could sure use such a boost. So, I will be happy no matter who wins that game.

I hope San Diego wins because that's where Susun's daughter lives and they are really big time Chargers fans. But, on the other hand, I'd like to see those rookies ruin the table, too, Ryan & Sanchez are so likeable! The only team I definitely do not want to win is the Ravens. I wish they would go home and leave everyone alone.

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