Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bed Sled

Here it is in all its glory--The Bed Sled. There are two sleeping bags, two real nice sleeping pads and four pillows on this sled. I got it rigged correctly so nothing would shake loose. Then I put on the snow shoes and took it for a spin around the yard. It pulls real nice, you hardly even know it's there.

After messing with the bed sled, I took off all the bags and then put an 18 gal. tub in the sled.

I added a pickle bucket, too. I then put in four 14 pound concrete blocks--that would be a little over 50 pounds and towed it around. I'd say 50 pounds is pretty much max. Lighter would be better. Anyway, we are getting a plan.

We dug out our back packs and will be rigging them this weekend, too. I am hoping that we can make this work with just one trip between the truck and the yurt. Two would be OK but one would be better. So far, so good.

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