Monday, February 4, 2019

Childhood memories...

Ah, today was a time travel trip into the 1950's.  It brought back so many childhood memories of pickin' peaks.

We eddied out at the Cornville bridge on our way to Planet Fitness in Cottonwood.  We expected to stay perhaps a few minutes but decided to wait for the surge.

Meanwhile, about 30 other people gathered to Witness The Water.  Over 20 of them lined the bridge and the others lingered alongside Oak Creek's damp banks.

The presence of those people and their sing-song chatter brought full immersion into my childhood memories.  As I paced back and forth on the sandy loam soil. a full flood of those memories engulfed me and I was taken back along The  Banks of The Wabash and Wildcat Creek.

Susun had chosen to go stand on the bridge so I was alone in my thoughts and the solitude added sharpness and focus to those cherished memories.

I struck up a long conversation with a woman from the Yavapai County Flood Control District. Somehow it wasn't a surprise when she said her husband was also born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, on The Banks of The Wabash.  He even grew up in a house right across the street from my Mom's High School.

It was just "one of those days."  A Sheriffs Deputy eventually cleared everyone off the bridge and most of them congregated down below where I had my time lapse rig going.

I stood apart, alone and silent, letting the memories flow unimpeded.  Those were sweet, sweet moments for me today and my Heart & Spirit were filled with a delightful tangle of emotions.

I have so much to be grateful for in my childhood but those scenes awakened today are perhaps the most priceless of all my childhood memories...

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