Friday, November 24, 2017

Back Update

Kate Curley
Today, November 24th marks the two month anniversary of the onset of our back problem. We wrote a post about it on October 11th and haven't said anything about it since either on this blog or Facebook. So whazzup with the back?

As of today we are pain free and can walk without a cane.  We have not had to have surgery.  We received an injection on October 13.  The procedure was very slow to take effect and nearly 3 weeks went by before we began to feel better.

On November 3rd, the Doctor said we were in the 99% percentile as far as positive response goes to the injection.  However, the Doctor wouldn't (and won't) clear us for any physical activity other than walking.  That  means no pickleball.  In fact, the Doctor said it might be next July or August before she "might" clear us to play pickleball.  Or she might not. 

We're also not cleared to travel.  The Doctor has said we must stay very close to home in case something happens to bring back the pain.  We meet with  the Doctor again December 1st and are hoping to get some idea about if and when we "might" get cleared to travel.  We sure hope she gives us a green light to go to Arizona sometime in early 2018...maybe mid to late January if we're lucky.

In the meantime, we are enjoying walking laps around the city block of Kate Curley Park. Yesterday we logged 3,000 steps.  While a 3,000 step count pales in comparison to our "pre-back" average of 12,000 per day, it's 3,000 more steps than we could have walked in early October!

Since the Back Thing changed our life style on September 24th, we've adopted a new saying.  "We no longer lament what we can't do, we are just very grateful for what we CAN do!"  Yes, it would be nice to be playing pickleball again but it doesn't bother us that we can't.  We're extremely grateful simply to be able to walk around Kate Curley Park!

Well, that's the back status as of our 2 month anniversary.  Chances are we won't mention it again for at least another month or more...barring an unforeseen setback, so to speak.
Such beautiful old trees in Kate Curley Park!